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Baleful is a short horror game that puts the player in an unfamiliar house. You may feel alone in this uncanny home, yet there are traces of someone (or something) else here. 

This game features slightly flashing lights.

Move - WASD
Crouch - Ctrl
Interact - Left/Right click
Jump - Space 

Art - Cory Smock Programming - Dalton Chutes

Updated 20 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsHorror, Walking simulator

Install instructions

Just run SpookyHouse.exe and enjoy!


BalefulBuild2_win64.zip 237 MB

Development log


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It was a nice experience we 're waiting for the full release.....

Muy buena intriga, gran juego.

I had a great time. I was actually stumped a for a few moments and the scares had great timing. Well done!

I played the update! : 

Don't mind the foul language..I couldn't help it. The update just felt scarier! I told you guys I would play the update and I even made it a bit more special by posting it on Sun. (I typically post on Sat.) I love this game so much. I left a little creators note in the description too, I hope you enjoy!

I love the creepy feeling you gave the house.

Nice concept. I liked the Jack/Queen/King puzzle but I wanted more spooks tbh. Thank you for the demo, here is my Twitch playthrough.

Ready to see what's next!


Loved the design of the house and the unsettling atmosphere. Well made with well timed scares.


Hi! Thanks for making this game, I made you a video

how do i play this

Just download it, run "SpookyHouse.exe" and enjoy! Controls are posted in the description above


Cool game I gave it a try.


I had fun with the demo and looking forward to where this is going. The house is a disgusting house tho. Nasty house.

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I hope this project gets developed into a full game, definitely has potential, kinda like “escape house horror “ game, where  you’re escaping the house while throughout the game finding hidden secrets the house contains; that would be dope as heck!. I did a play through of the game . Keep up the good work guys !💪🏻 



This Baleful demo seems like a good start for whatever the completed work will be. While many aspects felt like ideas other games have been using these days, it still managed to make its own way with them and was entertaining to play. The only issue I have with the game is how doors work. Otherwise, this is a decent work.

Good job, dev.

DIDN'T EXPECT THIS... | Baleful Demo Full Gameplay Walkthrough


Please make this into a full game!  I loved it!  I hope all of you viewers enjoy as well!


Had a blast playing this, great job playing with anticipation and expectations.  Looking forward to seeing more of it in the future.


I could't play all the way through. Every time I would crouch I fell through the floor.


Thanks for playing the game!

We're so sorry you experienced such a game breaking bug! We'll patch that out as soon as we can


This had such a great vibe and atmosphere! The puzzles were challenging enough that it wasn't frustrating! This game has some real potential and would be cool full game! 


The build up was great. I was disappointed by the finale and hope to see you continue to flesh out this game. So rad.


【Baleful Demo】░-░ ░B░L░O░O░P░E░R░S░


Really enjoyed this game! Here are some of my thoughts as I played it. 


So first, what I liked/memorable moments:

  • The atmosphere was incredibly unsettling. If anything, having very little ambient noise was a huge strength, leaving me painfully aware and paranoid of all the noise I made doing anything and made other noises really stand out.
  • The moment after the phone call when you see the door leading to the jack/queen/king area was great. I knew I HAD to go in there since there was nowhere else to go, but the anxiety of just finding out that I'm not alone in the house made me dread going in there. Same goes for when it was time to walk into the basement.
  • The radio... lol.

Some room for improvement:

  • You use lights and locked doors to guide the player through a linear track through the house, which is great. However, the globe lights going up the stairs encouraged me to try to venture up before I was "supposed to." Once I realized that and tried to go back downstairs, I struggled to go back downstairs because I couldn't see the railing in the darkness. I'd suggest keeping these globe lights off until it's time for the player to travel upstairs.
  • I picked up a key, but to my knowledge I didn't do anything with it? When I reached the locked front door, I tried to pull up an inventory by randomly hitting typical inventory buttons (I, tab, escape), and it wound up freezing my game (I believe Escape was the culprit). I assume in later versions there will actually be a use for the key, but until then I'd suggest keeping them out of demos.
  • Convincing a player that actively moving towards a visible threat is usually pretty difficult. Already being kind of anxious from having to walk into a dark basement, the reveal of the killer at the bottom made me expect some sort of chase/hiding sequence through the house, since being at the top of the stairs gave me a head start to get away. It wasn't until like 15 seconds later when I was still at the top of the stairs and nothing had happened did I realize that I had to go down to trigger anything to continue.

Again though, this was great! Definitely will be following development and can't wait for future updates :)

We're so glad you enjoyed! We definitely kept the game quiet for a reason :)
You raise some very good points for improvement and we intend to address any issues at one point down the road (whenever that may be).
Thanks for playing!


Amazing Game! One bug I think you should work on, but other than that amazing! 


This game is awesome! 




Gave it a go... (BEFORE THE UPDATE)



This game is a good example of how to make a very atmospheric horror game without no real danger, but even though there was no real danger, the game still kepts you on your toes and made you feel like there was danger. Also, nice touch with the rick ainsley music. A seemingly normal meme turned out to be something more horrific. Good job devs.


The game has really nice atmosphere, but no threat.


THIS WAS SO SPOOKY! | Baleful | Demo

this game really was something else! it literally kept me on the edge of my seat throughout! cannot wait for more from this game!! please keep up the great work! good job on making such an awesome game! :D 

It was so nice of my uncle to leave me a message. It sounds like business is picking up!

Keep up the great work!


P.S. Is there a way we can donate to you so we can support you on your next project? 

***Video includes original gameplay and "spooky update" with new ending. 

Great playthrough, glad you and your uncle enjoyed both versions of the game 😉

We aren't accepting donations at this time. If you would like to support us, simply playing the game and spreading the word is more than enough for us. Thank you so much!


Ace game atmosphere very well done a nice short horror experience I look forward to seeing the full release thanks


Really enjoyed this! Very creepy and had me edge the whole time! Looking forward to the full version! Thanks to the developer! This game is awesome! 


Gave it a try and i can easily say i really liked it! It has potential and can be transformed into an even more horrifying experience. Also i would suggest to fill the background music gap with e.g household sound effects or ambient music clips etc etc. Thanks for making this, hope to hear more from you soon!

Here is the video that i made with your game >


The game has potential but lacks any real threat. Also Rick Astley.


This game is so tense lol I was on the edge at all times. great job, can't wait for a bigger game :D

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Ooh, got the spooky update out just in time for recording. I'll be back with a video.

Edit: Not sharing the whole video yet, but this was my favorite moment. 

The whole game was the equivalent of somebody threatening to hit you in the eye with a stretched rubber band for 20 minutes, and I loved it so much. I really wish I had a heart rate monitor, because I'm pretty sure my heart rate stayed high from the moment I turned around after I turned on the basement lights. Great job.

Can't wait to see it!

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Just edited the original comment. Good timing!

Whoops, set it to private instead of unlisted. Should be visible now.


Really had a blast with this! If you listen closely? You can hear the fear behind the jokes. Please do make a full version! Very excited for this game!! <3

it was a cool game keep it up :D


Rick Astley scared the crap out of me 😂

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